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    ‘I’ve run my fastest marathon at 60 using CurraNZ - and had a new Half-Iron PB too!’

    on November 27, 2019

    CURRANZ is proving a reliable and noticeable performance aid for competitive athletes – including older individuals who, often to their surprise, are improving their times after introducing our supplement to their regime.

    Meet Mitchell Pollack, this month’s customer prize winner, a New Yorker who spotted CurraNZ in a running magazine and thought ‘it looked interesting so he thought he’d give it a try’.

    Since starting on CurraNZ, Mitchell has discovered his performance has gone up a gear across his marathon and Ironman events.

    Mitchell has been running marathons and competing in full-distance triathlon for almost 20 years. So, imagine his delight when, at age 60, this year he clocked his fastest-ever marathon and half-Ironman race, thanks to our brilliant blackcurrants.

    Mitchell says: “I am a 60-year-old grandpa who just completed the Richmond Marathon in 3:19.

    "I placed third out of 89 in my category and was in the top 8% of the entire field, despite being one of the older racers. My age graded time was 2:41. It was my fastest marathon ever.

    “I used your product for a full week leading up to the race and again on race day. I felt strong throughout the race despite very windy conditions and finished my last mile at a 7:21 pace.

    "Plus, my recovery was amazing. I finished the race strong and the day after I felt great - really the best I felt after any other marathon. I love your product!

     “My previous personal best was 3:19:53 in the 2015 Steamtown Marathon as a 56-year-old.

    "This November I ran a very slight PB of 3:19:50, but on a harder course, at the age of 60.

     “Next year, I hope to run the Chicago Marathon on October 11 and will attempt a new personal record again, hoping to break 3:15.”

    As well as having raced in 14 marathons, Mitchell also takes part in the US triathlon circuit as an age-grouper.

    “I have also completed four full-distance Ironman races. I used CurraNZ in May at the Chattanooga 70.3 Ironman and also had a personal best there too, with a time of 5:16. Next year I will be competing in two or three half Ironman races.”

    We wish Mitchell all the best in his running pursuits - and are sending him a prize of two packs of CurraNZ.