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    ‘I’ve lost ten stone and am genuinely amazed at the difference in my recovery with CurraNZ’

    on September 21, 2020

    THIS month’s prize winner is customer Julie Backhouse, who has observed some fantastic health and fitness milestones with CurraNZ.

    Julie, who has lost over ten stone, is aiming to run a marathon in September, but was finding that her slow muscle recovery really held her back. 

    Julie, from Milton Keynes, writes: “I have suffered with really painful muscles after exercising for years. The aches can go on for days if I’ve really pushed myself.and does put you off trying to get fit to be honest, but since taking CurraNZ, I haven’t suffered much at all and I’m really putting a lot of effort into my workouts.

    "I've lost ten stone, 3lb since I started my weight loss journey in 2017. I only got into fitness in 2018, when I started running. Then I stepped up my fitness regime in October last year and I’ve been using Curranz since then to help me.

    "I am training for a marathon in September and am genuinely amazed at the difference between exercising with and without CurraNZ.

    “This product is very impressive – and I’ve tried many “miracle” supplements over the years but these wonderful capsules have helped me so much.

    "These are my before and after pictures. It’s been a long journey but I feel a million times better now and looking into doing a sports and fitness course so that maybe I can become a personal trainer. 


    “I’m also sure that it has helped my cholesterol levels as they were very high initially. I have altered my diet too but I’m surprised at how quickly my cholesterol levels reduced.

    “It might be quite expensive but it is worth every penny as you can work out for longer and more often with much better-quality workouts. Give it a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed - and the customer service is fantastic.”