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    'I still can't believe after 15 hours of hard racing in Celtman I had no DOMS, no aches, nothing!'

    on July 31, 2019

    THIS month’s sports customer prize winner is Pharmacist Keith Maclure, (above, in yellow) a keen endurance triathlete from the Scottish Borders who will race in the British 70.3 Championships in two week's time. 

    Keith discovered CurraNZ through extreme triathlete and CurraNZ ambassador Chris Stirling, winner of Celtman in 2017, who sadly passed away unexpectedly in May. Keith writes:

    “I re-supplied with berries early summer because I had my fifth Celtman extreme triathlon in June (and my racing pal Chris Stirling used them to great effect for this event every year.)

    I dosed up the week before, during the event and for the week after.

    I still can't believe after racing hard for 15 hours (+change!) how great I felt afterwards - no DOMS, no aches, nothing. I returned to proper training within ten days!

    I had to get back on it sharp as I’m competing at Aberfeldy Triathlon mid-August at the 70.3 Middle-Distance Championships – which is partly why I had stocked up on CurraNZ in advance (as well as the performance benefits).

    I started trying the berries after Chris recommended them to me a few years back – I was already regularly eating beetroot, cherries and other purple fruit/veg and had tried Beetshots, which I’m afraid although I like beetroot, tasted like soil! (Being a Pharmacist, I’m interested in the whole phytotherapy side of things from a professional perspective as well).

    I met Chris (pictured, left) on the Strava Celtman group and by fluke ended up sitting next to him on the bus to the start in 2014 - he was so calm - really helped with my massive pre-race jitters (imagine my amazement when so many hours later I discovered he was one of the podium Gods!).

    I couldn’t get down for Chris’s funeral in May – but the best way I could respect him was to do my best at Celtman. I wore a black wristband on the day and there were several dark times in the race when my vision fell upon the band – I applied Rule 5 (harden up!) and got on with it!

    In the last few years I've been full-on focused on Celtman and have used CurraNZ for after tough sessions for recovery and pre and post-race. Once again, it didn’t let me down.