How to avoid the hangover during the Christmas festivities

How to avoid the hangover during the Christmas festivities

It’s December, the countdown to Christmas has begun and those all-too familiar words ‘fancy a drink after work?’ are being thrown around more and more. During the festive season - a.k.a the ‘silly season’ - it can be easy to get caught up in all the excitement with a quick drink turning into an evening singing Fairy tale of New York at the top of your lungs.

It can be difficult to prevent a hangover if you don’t prepare properly, however follow these simple tips and the word hangover may become a distant memory. From water to New Zealand blackcurrants, here are our top ways to help you enjoy the festive season and avoid regretting you’d stayed in by the fire!

1) It may seem obvious, but after a heavy night it’s important you rehydrate. When you drink alcohol, your body sends water straight to your bladder instead of absorbing it into your system. This is all down to alcohol inhibiting the production of the chemical vasopressin. It is also the reason you may need to go to the toilet more often (leading to further dehydration!)

The solution? Before you head out, put a pint or two of water beside your bed. That way you’ll remember to drink it when you get in and will help to avoid that dry mouth and headache the next morning! If your night was unplanned, make sure you grab a bottle of water for your journey home. Oh, and make sure you drink plenty of water the following day too! Drinking water after alcohol is one of the best ways to keep a hangover at bay.

2) Know your limits. It’s important you know how much your body can handle, don’t be tempted by that extra drink that might just tip you over the edge. If you find you drink on the speedier side or you’re not quite sure where your limit is, try drinking water or non-fizzy soft drinks in between each alcoholic beverage. This will give you time to process how much the alcohol is affecting you, and will also help to keep you hydrated.

Avoid: carbonated or fizzy drinks as they speed up the absorption rate of alcohol in your system. Dark-coloured alcoholic drinks are also a no-go as these contain a chemical called congeners – these irritate blood vessels and tissues in the brain and can be responsible for making that much-feared headache feel even worse!

3) NEVER drink on an empty stomach. Make sure your lunch is substantial and includes plenty of carbs such as pasta or rice. Fats are also great! If you’re heading off straight from work and know you’re likely to skip dinner, meal prep the night before and pack yourself something you can eat before you head out. Drinking on a full stomach will help to slow down the body’s absorption of alcohol, helping to keep you in control.

4) Invest in some magic berries! New Zealand blackcurrants are the KING of superfoods! Bursting with anthocyanins, New Zealand blackcurrants increase blood flow by up to 35%. The increase in blood flow results in faster removal of waste products and an increase in haemoglobin and oxygen levels, which help to make you feel energised as well as reducing your hangover!

Alcohol stimulates free radical attacks and reduces the levels of antioxidants in the body. Free radicals are highly unstable molecules that damage the body’s cells and interfere with the body’s defence mechanisms. The antioxidants in CurraNZ will top up your antioxidant levels and help to neutralise the arising stress in the body’s cells.

Unfortunately, blackcurrants have a very short season in the UK so can be difficult to get your hands on. The solution… CurraNZ! 100% natural, and created from anthocyanin-rich New Zealand blackcurrants, each capsule contains the equivalent of approximately 85 New Zealand blackcurrants! We recommend taking one or two capsules before going out, or if you forget, with a large glass of water before bed and again upon rising.

5) Finally, the tactic we highly recommend and the simplest of them all to prevent a hangover… don’t drink! Alcohol isn’t the key to a good night and no-one wants the fear of unknown embarrassment as they walk through the office doors in the morning! Swap your cocktail for a mocktail and try cycling into work. Knowing you need to cycle home takes away the temptation to give in and have a couple - and completely takes away the worry of being hungover the following day.