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    Get fit with Alex - week one of our guide for beginners: Running

    on February 04, 2020

    This week we kick off an easy-to-follow six-week program with the goal of running 5km at the conclusion. This is for anyone with a low fitness base looking to start a training regime, get into triathlon, running or any sport that requires good aeorbic fitness. 

    Here, our ambassador and triathlete Alex Cox lays out an easy-to-follow guide that is transferrable into whatever your favourite sporting pasttime may be. 

    Like most people, Alex has family commitments and a busy working life. After a year out of triathlon due to family reasons, he is ready to get active again. In his own words, he wants to be ‘smart from the start’ and here, you can follow this great program with his weekly plan guides.

    So, grab your running shoes and enjoy!

    Alex: To get us started we are going to break down our training into manageable chunks - and first up is running.

    We are not going to turn into Mo Farah over the next six weeks but gradually build our fitness base, with a big focus on the technique behind running and how we can become efficient to make running easier and reduce the risks of injury. 

    At the end of the program block we are going to attempt a timed 5km loop and the goal will be to complete it and see how far we have come, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 

    Below is the plan for our first week, with three sessions mixed with recovery days. You can make our plan fit your schedule and change the day you start BUT you must have a recovery day after each day you have trained. 

    To get the most out of my training I will be taking two CurraNZ capsules one-to-two hours before training and two capsules in the morning on recovery days.

    CurraNZ works in several ways. It boosts blood flow and oxygen delivery for training, promotes recovery and helps the body burn up to 30% more fat which reduces fatigue and can’t be a bad thing when we are training.

    To keep track of our progress we will be using a free fitness app called Strava. It’s easy to set up and link to a GPS or smart watch. If you don’t have a GPS watch then download the Strava App to your phone and use it to record your training.

    Without further delay let's see what we have in store for the first week.

    Week 1

    We’re going to work on our running cadence as having a higher cadence or speed of legs we can be more efficient and use less energy.

    When we translate this into a pace increase later in the program we will see it’s easier and faster when we run. 

    Watch this video below from GTN to show you all about cadence and how we can increase it gradually. When we do our first run we will count our cadence during our first minute and then look to increase this by 10% for the additional intervals.


    Monday: Rest Day. 

    Let's get our heads focused for the week ahead. Check the weather for the week and decide if you will be training in the morning, afternoon or evening. We want to remove any barriers and reasons not to do the training.

    Tuesday: Training Day 1 

    A nice easy session to get us into the training. We will be completing ten sets of Intervals and on the Run effort we can jog or run. Remember this is getting us into running and we are looking to complete the whole minute’s effort so don’t go all out from the start.  

    Run 1 min, walk 1 min. Repeat 10 times.

    Total Training Time: 20 Mins


    Wednesday: Rest Day.

    As before, let’s recover today and get prepared for Thursday’s session. 

    Thursday:  Training Day 2

    Today we have a longer effort but double the recovery time. As with Tuesday’s session don’t go hell for leather as we need to complete each effort session

    Run 2 mins, walk 4 mins. Repeat 5 times. 

    Total Training Time: 30 Mins

    Friday and Saturday: Rest Day. 

    With two sessions down and one to go we can enjoy a few days of rest. On Saturday plan for Sunday’s training as we have been doing this week.


    Sunday:  Training Day 3

    The final session of the week and a repeat of Thursday. Dig deep in this one and end the week on a high as we already know how two minutes of solid running feels like.

    Run 2 mins, walk 4 mins. Repeat 5 times. 

    Total Training Time: 30 Mins

    If you have followed this week’s plan then by Sunday you will have completed 1 hour and 20 minutes of training. Next week we will be posting the second week’s training schedule so make sure you check back.

    Instagram: @thealexcox


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