Jane Hansom's top ten marathon tips: 'Porridge and honey is the breakfast of champions'

Jane Hansom's top ten marathon tips: 'Porridge and honey is the breakfast of champions'

SHE may be synonymous with half- and full-distance triathlon nowadays, but believe it or not, Jane Hansom avoided sport in her twenties and thirties and only discovered a passion for running when friends encouraged her to run the 2010 London Marathon. 

She spent six months training and lost two and a half stone and four dress sizes and by her own admission, 'became hooked'. 

Since then, Jane has raced five marathons, and describes one of her proudest sporting moments when she was the third lady over 40 in the 2011 New York City Marathon with a time of 2:58:01.

Here, the Kona IronMan World Champion (age-group) (2016) and runner-up (2015/2017) gives her top London Marathon tips

  1. Change NOTHING before the race
  2. Have a good night’s sleep two days out. You won't sleep well the night before so clock the hours the night before that! 
  3. Eat a good breakfast. I always have porridge and honey two and a half hours before the race start. Breakfast of champions. 
  4. DO not go off too fast. You CANNOT bank miles. 
  5. Remember: The race starts at mile 20 
  6. Eat and drink little and often. Calories in = power out 
  7. Enjoy it. Smile. High five the kids 
  8. Recovery - that's easy. CurraNZ (of course) and a steak dinner and (expensive) bottle of nice red 
  9. Be proud and wear your medal to dinner 
  10. Sign up for a Challenge Triathlon on Monday. It's a logical step.


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