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    Expert hails importance of these ‘lifespan nutrients’ for optimal health

    on March 27, 2020

    A UK health expert has revealed how blackcurrant anthocyanins found in CurraNZ are important for optimal health.

    Unfortunately, the bioactives found in blackcurrants aren't commonly found in common fruit and vegetables, which requires people to use a supplement.  

    Clinical pharmacist Mike Wakeman (pictured, left) says: “We’re just beginning to understand how important anthocyanins are in terms of maintaining our wellbeing.

    “You can’t get the level of anthocyanins that are present in blackcurrants in your normal diet, so you do need to supplement.

    “Most people's consumption of polyphenolics isn’t as high as it should be.

    “You mainly get your polyphenolics from fruit and vegetables and most people in the UK aren’t eating the recommended five a day.

    “Added to that, the types of anthocyanins that are in New Zealand blackcurrants are not likely to be in commonly-available fruits and vegetables.”

    The respected academic and author of peer-reviewed studies is a polyphenol expert and believes the compounds found in concentrated form in CurraNZ NZ blackcurrant extract are also key to longevity.

    “Anthocyanins are sometimes referred to as ‘lifespan essential nutrients’ – so alongside vitamins and minerals, these are the sorts of micronutrients you really do need to supplement with to deliver optimal health throughout your life.”

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