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    'CurraNZ is life changing - I've lost 23kg and haven't felt or looked this good for decades'

    on July 09, 2021


    A British restauranteur describes how combining CurraNZ with some ‘sensible’ lifestyle changes triggered a sustained 23kg weight loss over two years. 

    Martin Kerr, 52, runs Julia’s, a large beachfront restaurant in the Algarve, where he spends long days on his feet, and where a legacy of poor diet and lifestyle choices had started catching up with him. 

    The expat (left) says: “The weight has fallen off me since introducing CurraNZ, in conjunction with sensible lifestyle changes, but without avidly dieting.

    “I’ve taken moderate exercise at the gym with some mountain biking (plus battery!) and I walk the dogs every day. 

    “I had lost 7kg up until Lockdown and decided to add another dimension to my regime and stopped eating after 7pm, cut out soft drinks and bread.

    “I kept active and ate a balanced diet, which led to a further 16kg loss.”

    Martin has been seeing these benefits on the lowest dose of just one capsule.

    “I take one Curranz a day with vitamin C. Within a month I started seeing noticeable changes in my body shape and a boost in energy. Even my wife Shelley noticed, so she started taking them as well and noticed a difference to her metabolism and energy too." 

    Knowing scores of people through his work, Martin’s transformation hasn’t gone unnoticed, with ‘hundreds’ of people commenting on his weight loss in the restaurant and on social media. 

    He believes the product’s effect on fat burning during exercise, combined with being on the ‘go’ all day, is the underlying reason for his steady weight loss over the last two years. He describes his transformation as 'drastic'. 

    “My work involves being on my feet and active physically and mentally for at least 14 hours a day during the summer months. I think the product’s effect on fat burning has sped up my metabolism.

    “I noticed a true feel-good factor too.

    “I haven’t seen 82kg since my mid-to-late teens and I haven’t felt as good in nearly 30 years. Your product is fantastic and life changing and I wouldn’t be without it now.”