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    CurraNZ customer featured in Womens Running article about running at any age

    on January 25, 2021

    THIS month, inspiring customer Roma Kerrison is featured in Womens Running Magazine about age positivity and running at any age.

    Roma, 65, has seen big improvements to her mental clarity, energy and fitness since starting CurraNZ. 

    Roma writes: "I am 65 and weigh 40kgs. I have been a regular runner for 20 years. I wake at 6am and run 5km, six days a week. I used to sometimes flag a bit at 3km, now I can easily do 5km and still feel energised afterwards. 

    "Since taking CurraNZ I have found my energy levels have increased remarkably. Without doubt, my recovery has improved. I have noticed such an improvement in my running that I don’t miss any days with CurraNZ."

    In her interview, Roma reveals how she took up running when she was 43, which has helped keep her slim.

    She says: "In fact, my weight and shape have barely changed at all over the years. I never lack the motivation to train. 

    "I gave up the gym 18 months ago and bought myself a treadmill. I use it every morning unless the weather is perfect, in which case I go outdoors.

    CurraNZ is outstanding and as well as the running, I feel far more energised in myself and my thoughts are clearer. It’s hard to put into words but when I read your reviews from other users, I know how they feel. I am able to work things out easier in my mind and my business has improved because of this.

    "I am delighted with the results."

    Read Roma's story in Womens Running Magazine.