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    CurraNZ athletes achieve two world records in five days!

    on June 23, 2022

    The CurraNZ-powered World Record breakers from Manor Gym, who nailed the longest continual workout on June 22 

    In a true ‘acid test’ for CurraNZ, we were proud to be part of two Guinness World Records involving some serious feats of human endurance.

    Andy Stone used CurraNZ to complete 70 Half Irons in just over 70 days

    Staffordshire’s Andy Stone (right) kicked it off by completing 70 consecutive Half Ironman triathlons in just over 70 days on Friday, June 17.

    The relative newcomer to triathlon was recommended CurraNZ by LJMU nutritionist, Dr Juliette Strauss, when fatigue and recovery became a problem almost halfway through his 5,000-mile challenge.

    With its endurance, fat oxidation and muscle recovery benefits, CurraNZ fit the bill for Andy’s daily 70.3-mile slog.

    To break up the daily swim-bike-run routine, he even entered the Staffordshire 70.3 event (left) to have a change of scene.


    According to Andy, by day 33 of the challenge, "I’d had a week of feeling quite tired up to that point and was actually wondering if I could complete the challenge on 70 x 70.3M triathlons in 70 days.

    "I started taking CurraNZ on day 33 and I immediately saw a benefit. I felt lighter on my feet and I found the fog cleared in my head, it felt like I had much better mental clarity. That first day I achieved a PB in my daily swim and ride time and probably would have gone on to have a PB in the run if I hadn’t been joined by a supporter that day. 

    "After starting CurraNZ I was finding there was less pains and tightness in my legs each night however I still needed support from the physio to help with the occasional knots.
    "Generally I just felt less tired overall which I think helped to maintain my mood allowing me to keep going day after day. 
    "I continued to take CurraNZ afterwards for a few days and haven't suffered any DOMS at all which is great!"

    12 Londoners set new record for longest continual workout over 40 hours - the 'Longest Day'

    CurraNZ was used by the 12 record-breakers who completed the longest continual workout in 40 hours


    Fast-forward to June 22, and a team of 12 from Manor Gym in London set a new record for the longest continual workout of 40 hours - 'The Longest Day, 2022'.

    Mimi Gardner is a big CurraNZ fan

    Mimi Gardner (left), fresh from a bronze medal at the Hyrox World Championships in May, was one of the 12-person team who used CurraNZ throughout.

    She reported afterward: “It was a blast and I had endless energy. We all did. We did amazingly well and I am feeling physically really well.

     “The team have loved using CurraNZ, which has been crucial in helping our endurance, reduce fatigue and of course, recovery to battle through.

    "Personally, I think it's helped our muscles to recover faster. I am feeling physically very, very well after the 40 hours of nonstop moving and exercising - most of it quite hardcore. I feel better than I did after running half marathon when I wasn't taking CurraNZ.
    "Having spoken to some of the girls and one of the guys in the team, everyone is feeling okay, no DOMS yet."