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    CurraNZ investigation reveals shocking truth behind fake 'New Zealand blackcurrant' extracts

    on May 21, 2021


    Here, we reveal the results of our investigation into other New Zealand blackcurrant extracts, and share some facts about why CurraNZ deserves its title as a market leader you can trust.

    In a recent international market analysis of five other blackcurrant extracts marketed as 'New Zealand' origin, all but one failed our quality measures, highlighting that when choosing nutritional supplements, the buyer needs to be assured that the product they are purchasing is true to label.

    Shockingly, we discovered variations of up to 437% in their anthocyanin profile, suggesting that the products were not true to label. They either contained non-NZ origin fruit or had a lesser anthocyanin content than claimed.

    Not only that, but some contained pesticide residues that exceeded maximum limits allowed in many countries. The New Zealand Blackcurrant industry has strict guidelines on agricultural chemical use, with a very limited number of sprays that can be used. As such, the New Zealand product is easy to distinguish from other blackcurrant products grown elsewhere in the world.

    New Zealand is, comparative to Europe, a small producer of blackcurrants and their superior nutrition profile and density commands a premium on the world market.

    Poor recent harvests in Britain and Europe have led to a significant spike in demand for Kiwi-produced fruit and given rise to a sharp increase in unscrupulous practices. 

    The scientifically-evaluated benefits of CurraNZ are characterised by Enzans, key identifiers of the New Zealand blackcurrant bioactives that deliver the proven efficacy and benefits of our award-winning product.

    The consistency in our formulation is comparable with pharmaceutical industry standards, meaning we can guarantee the authenticity, origin and performance of every pack sold. 



    What separates CurraNZ from other blackcurrant extracts?

    The questionable origins and sources aside, there are cheaper, lower-strength blackcurrant extract supplements available, and it really is a case of buyer beware.

    Incorrect label claims around anthocyanin levels, a less rigorous manufacturing process, lower quality fruit or product laced with other fruits can lead to a reduced anthocyanin content and compromised nutritional qualities. 



    Rest assured, thanks to the CurraNZ standards and research

    British and New Zealand research has determined the target dosing and timing of CurraNZ to achieve the outcomes our consumers are looking for – and no other product can match our scientifically-evaluated benefits.

    Plus, as our investigation has shown, the presence of ‘fake’ New Zealand blackcurrant products on the market makes it very difficult to know what you’re actually buying. Always look carefully on the label. If the product is genuine, look for a credible link to its New Zealand origin.

    Quality, safety and conformity in every batch

    Every batch of CurraNZ is subjected to a long list of quality and conformity tests before it even reaches our manufacturer. 

    With one in seven supplements containing banned substances, often through contamination in manufacture, all finished CurraNZ products are screened for harmful substances, to provide consumers, and in particular professional sports people, quality assurances.

    For extra reading, check out what it takes to be 'Informed Sport' certified -  

    Let’s talk numbers

    Every capsule of CurraNZ is equivalent to a generous handful of blackcurrants. In metric terms, that equates to around 150kg of fresh fruit in every kilo of the CurraNZ extract. That's why we call it 'purple gold'.

    Most people don’t consume enough anthocyanins to reap their health benefits. In Europe, the normal dietary intake is 40mg-80mg per day and as low as 2mg in Australia. In CurraNZ, each capsule contains 105mg anthocyanin, enough to give you a ‘functional’ dose to make sure you’re getting enough ‘purples’ in your diet to reap the health benefits. 

    Why choose CurraNZ over other product formats?

    CurraNZ is classed as a ‘functional food’- a food that delivers additional and enhanced benefits over and above its basic nutritional value. These benefits are only delivered after a proper quality extraction and packaging process designed to preserve its nutritional qualities.

    There are plenty of blackcurrant product formats that can deliver the benefits, although admittedly, few offer a controlled, standardised dose (unlike CurraNZ) that can provide anything meaningful in a health sense. 

    CurraNZ has worked for years to deliver a quality product that produces outstanding results that can be verified by third-party organisations to give the consumer full confidence.