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    How we helped 'weaponise' CurraNZ for UK No1 Pentathlete

    on July 13, 2022


    IN just her first year in a senior vest on the world athletics stage, CurraNZ ambassador Holly Mills, has rocketed to UK No1 and seventh in the world in Pentathlon. 

    She took the notable scalp of the current world champion, Katarina Johnson-Thompson, in Austria in May, when performing superbly to achieve her highest-ever score in the prestigious Gotzis two-day competition. 

    However, despite her incredible progress through the sport, Holly was struggling with fatigue in the latter stages of the 800m, one of the last events in a competition.

    A quick chat and review of her dosing and we advised Holly to redose again two hours before the race. This would ensure the anthocyanins were peaking to coincide with the demands of the 800m.  

    So it is was fantastic to see Holly record a superb gun-to-tape performance in the 800m in Australia last time, stopping the clock in 2:08:07 and taking her to a new personal best of 6,260 points and fourth UK all-time. 

    She says: "Topping up on CurraNZ and redosing or this event has definitely made an impact and I’m now seeing big gains in my 800m performances, with several new PBs.

    "Overall, I've now seen my 800m improve from 2:24 to 2.08 in the last five years." 

    Recovery is also imperative for Holly, who trains several times a day. With Pentathlon involving five events and Heptathlon involving seven, recovery in competition is crucial to success. 

    She says: "I have seen a definite change in my body since I started using Curranz in 2017 and am better able to deal with the demands of Heptathlon training.


    "In terms of recovery, I feel less fatigued before and after each session and find I’m that little bit more ready to go for the next session.

    "Fast recovery is key for my multi-day competitions and they help me through the battle of two days of Heptathlon.

    "It’s all about the extra 1% and CurraNZ gives me that. I can complete more and push myself further, meaning I’m getting the biggest possible gains out of my sessions - and they are really good before a big running or bike session. 

    "I’ve used Curranz for five years now and I think it’s safe to say they will be staying in my kit bag for the rest of my career."

    Holly Mills record, 2021/22 


    2021- European U23 Championships Heptathlon bronze 

    2022- World Indoor Senior Championships Pentathlon fourth 

    2022- Gotzis Heptathlon - Sixth  

    World rankings (all ages, as at July 2022)

    Pentathlon - 1st in UK, 3rd in Europe, 4th in world 

    Heptathlon- 1st in UK, 1st in Commonwealth, 6th in Europe, 7th in world. 

    Pentathlon PB score - 4673 (UK 4th all time) 

    Heptathlon PB score - 6260 (UK 6th all time)