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    Blackcurrants are THE fruit to consume to prevent the spread of viruses

    on February 03, 2020

    WITH the Corona-virus threat spreading across the globe, there’s never been a more pressing reminder that at times like this, we need to keep our immune systems high and maintain impeccable hygiene routines.

    Researchers in Japan have found that blackcurrants are THE fruit to consume if you want to prevent the spread of viruses.

    Blackcurrant anthocyanins have been shown to improve the immune system’s first line defences. 

    Not only that, but their anti-viral effects have been observed across a wide spectrum of viruses.

    Scientists investigated low strengths of blackcurrant extract and found they acted as a ‘disinfectant’ in cells. The extract inhibited absorption onto cell surfaces, viral growth and release by infected cells.  

    They concluded that blackcurrant extract could offer a mile and natural prophylactic against infectious diseases.


    Beware the security scanning trays as a potential high-risk source of infection

    For air travellers, masks are becoming essential now, not to mention stringent hand hygiene habits.

    But beware, there’s one high-risk ‘zone’ where anti-bacterial hand gel should be used liberally.

    The airport security x-ray scanning zones put travellers at high risk for exposure to viruses and infection.

    Think about it: How often do the trays get cleaned and disinfected?

    Thousands of people come into contact with these trays on a daily basis – and with viruses surviving for up to a week on hard surfaces, they are a prime area for unwittingly coming into contact with bugs.

    Considered a ‘severe risk’ for transmitting infections, Olympic athletes travelling to the Tokyo Olympics will be advised to use anti-bacterial hand gel before and after coming into contact with these ‘infection cess pit’ trays.