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    Back to life at 'full throttle'? Four ways CurraNZ can help

    on April 15, 2021

    AS we press 'play' on life again after lockdown, we share four brilliant ways CurraNZ can help.


    1 - Energy

     Adjusting back to life at top speed can take some getting used to.

    If you’re resuming commuting, spending long days on your feet, or generally just going from zero to 100 again, the adjustment will inevitably take its toll on your energy.

    CurraNZ is great as a ‘vitaliser’ to help ward off tiredness, aching muscles and mid-afternoon ‘slumps’.

    Take 1-2 capsules morning and, if necessary, again early afternoon to boost blood flow and support oxygen delivery to help your mind and muscles throughout the day.


    2 - Fill the nutrient gap

    If you struggle some days to eat a balanced diet, then CurraNZ can help fill an important nutrient gap.

    According to the National Diet Nutrition Survey, shockingly, 67% of adults (19-64 years), do not meet the 5-a-day fruit and vegetable recommendation.

    Purple fruits and vegetables should make up around a third of what we eat. Their important health benefits are leading some scientists to recommend increasing our ‘purples’ to two a day.

    While there is no recommended dietary intake for anthocyanin, some of us are having as little as 2mg a day, and on average, only 40-80mg.

    Just one capsule of our concentrated blackcurrant supplement delivers a healthy dose of 105mg, to help fill any ‘purple’ nutrient gaps.


    3 – Helping your body cope with stress

    Blackcurrants are known as nature’s body modifiers and a true ‘stress’ hero for sports, mental and dietary challenges.

    CurraNZ for physical stress: Exercise generates byproducts in the cells and tissues that limit performance – specifically oxidative stress and lactate.

    CurraNZ has been shown to reduce the build-up of lactate in muscles during all intensities of exercise, and reduce exercise-generated oxidative stress by 40%. As well as having an effect on performance, reducing these two factors will also support muscle recovery.  

     CurraNZ for mental stress:

    The high antioxidant component of our blackcurrant extract can help mental alertness and reduce mental fatigue.

    In one New Zealand study, participants worked with greater accuracy while under significant mental stress.

    CurraNZ for dietary stress:

    Studies show that blackcurrants can help inflammation and improve insulin resistance, key risk factors arising from a poor diet.

    The anthocyanins also help the body with its glucose handling, thereby supporting the body’s glycaemic and metabolic processes.  

    Take 1-2 capsules daily to enjoy daily. 


    4 – Increasing the benefits of exercise efforts

    If you’re returning to the gym, a sports club, or simply embracing fitness as we head towards summer, then CurraNZ is your ultimate companion supplement.

    With its multiplicity of effects on blood flow, fat burning and muscle recovery, using CurraNZ two hours before exercise will enhance the benefits of your exercise efforts – and make them a little easier.

    Taking CurraNZ daily for a week provides improvements to fat burning usually only seen after a month of exercise. These unique, scientifically-proven benefits make CurraNZ stand apart for helping the body favour fat as fuel during exercise.

    By reducing stress in the cardiovascular system, CurraNZ can help make exertion easier. Plus, increased blood flow and oxygen delivery means muscles don’t have to work so hard and will fatigue less.   

    Don’t forget, CurraNZ is guaranteed to improve muscle recovery, so you can move more, and hurt less!

    Take 1-2 capsules, two hours before exercise. For best effects, take one capsule on rest days from exercise, too.