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    Arm your body with these No1-ranking superheroes

    on February 04, 2021

    BERRIES offer ‘lifespan essential’ nutritional properties, thanks to their array of remarkable health-promoting benefits. 

    But if you, like many, think that blueberries are the antioxidant superhero of the berry world, then you’re mistaken.

    Blackcurrants are the undisputed berry ‘King’ and humble blueberries for antioxidant power, with a combination of two bioactives that possess the highest free radical-fighting capacity.  

    If you haven’t heard of anthocyanins and flavonoids, then listen up.  

    These important phytochemicals help fight inflammation and free radicals, support the immune system, boost blood flow and basically arm your body to take care of itself. While they’re found in a range of foods, they’re most plentiful in berries, and particularly blackcurrants.

    These small, nutrient-dense jewels are now regarded as the ‘missing link’ in western diets, because of their scientifically-proven, health-promoting qualities.

    At CurraNZ, we’ve demonstrated in almost 30 peer-reviewed studies that blackcurrants are unique for their potency and array of benefits, and have properties that other berries don't. 

    A recent European study, comparing nine common berries, confirmed blackcurrants have the highest antioxidant capacity and anthocyanin content, with blueberries next, while red, white currants and cranberries ranked the lowest. 

    The twist in this tale is that blackcurrants grown in New Zealand possess the greatest concentration of anthocyanin of any blackcurrant grown globally.

    Supercharged by the region's high ultra-violet sunlight, CurraNZ blackcurrants have 1.5 times the anthocyanin density of their European counterparts.



    Perfectly captured in our natural capsules, our high-potency extract is made from our powerhouse blackcurrants, and delivers a guaranteed 105mg anthocyanin in every capsule.

    So, if you’re struggling to get enough berries in your diet and fill that purple nutrient gap, we can help.

    Our award-winning supplement contains the equivalent of a generous handful of fresh supercharged 'blockbuster berries' in every dose, for less than 80p/day.

    CurraNZ: Perfected by Nature. Proven In Science.