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    Case study confirms New Zealand blackcurrant extract’s real-world application for enhancing fat oxidation in marathon runners

    on July 26, 2022


    [SYNOPSIS] A new, novel case study1 has confirmed the strong potential for CurraNZ to enhance performance in endurance athletes by significantly improving fat burning, even when used in conjunction with carbohydrate gels, during a half-marathon.

     It is well known that enhanced fat oxidation provides performance advantages for athletes by enabling them to use fat as a fuel when carbohydrate becomes limited.

    Elevated fat burning is also associated with decreased body fat and increased lean body mass and best achieved through adaptations from exercise.

     Six2-7 studies have shown that New Zealand blackcurrant extract offers unprecedented fat oxidation, or fat burning, effects during exercise and at rest in normal and hot conditions, with improvements of up to 55% in trained women cyclists and 102% in active recreational men. 

     In this project, researchers studied the effects of one week’s 600mg daily intake of the CurraNZ supplement on half-marathon running in an experienced competitive amateur ultra-endurance runner, during a training maintenance phase.

     They found that during the two-hour treadmill test, blackcurrant extract altered exercise-induced fat oxidation by 23% and spared carbohydrate use by 11%.

     Significantly, two carbohydrate gels were consumed at 40 and 80 minutes and did not abolish the CurraNZ-induced fat oxidation.

     Many nutrition supplements, including caffeine, claim to increase fat oxidation during exercise, but there is limited evidence in exercise-based supplement intervention studies to support this. 

    Based on the number of studies to date, New Zealand blackcurrant extract is thought to have the highest level of efficacy for enhancing endurance performance through enhanced fat oxidation in a real-world setting.

    Mark Willems, professor of exercise physiology at the University Chichester, who led the project, says: “This is a great finding. Fat oxidation improvements of 23% is high, particularly when taken with 100-calorie carbohydrate gels, which we were expecting to potentially negate the effects of blackcurrant.

    “The literature shows that maximal fat oxidation correlates with enhanced performance in Ironman male athletes. Therefore, we can work on the premise that supplementing with New Zealand blackcurrant extract in the lead-up to competition has the clear potential to benefit ultra-endurance performance by enhancing fat oxidation.”

    The runner tested in the study had completed 20 marathons, 28 ultra-marathons and was tested in between undertaking two 100-mile races.


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